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Animal Experience Week

Our camper cradles a baby bunny!

Our camper feeds Ben and Jerry a bagel!

Our camper takes a silly pic in our play-jail!

    Sign your kids up for Animal Experience Week at DeMartino's Farm! Each day focuses on teaching about and interacting with a different animal! We have pony and horse day, goat and sheep day, bunny day, cow day, and even a water games day! They will make crafts, like horse pies to feed to our ponies, and tie-dyed t-shirts that they get to take home as a souvenir! They will also go on nature walks, learn how to clean a horse stall and tack up a horse, feed our bunnies, play in our field, and more! Your children will have a blast making new friends and learning about animals! 

    Animal Experience Week runs Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM, children from 5-12 years of age welcome! All you have to do is drop your child off with a lunch, proper farm clothes (long pants and sneakers), a bathing suit, sunscreen, bug spray, and lots of water! Our experienced counselors will keep your child safe, while also facilitating fun! 


July 11 - 15  ($250 per child)

July 18 - 22 ($250 per child)

July 25 - 29 ($250 per child)

August 1 - 5 ($250 per child)

Note: Number of weeks based on interest


Please call or text Jenny Goduto at (203) 231-4711

Delicious Treats

Our campers are making horse-pies!


Our camper is wearing the t-shirt she made!

Goat yoga!

Harry gets a makeover!

Our campers put chalk on Harry!

Baby Thumb!

Our campers feed Baby Thumbelina!

Horse day!

Our campers ride ponies and horses!