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Parties at Our Farm

      Want to book a party at DeMartino's Farm? Here is all the information you need! 


      1. Alcohol is prohibited at our farm.

      2. Dogs are prohibited at our farm.

      3. Due to the fact that this is a working farm, your guests are required to stay in the designated party areas as outlined by our handlers on the day of your event. Please refrain from wandering the farm. 

      4. Absolutely no touching any horses or animals that are not provided for your party, as they may belong to our borders, or may bite.

      5. You are allowed 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your party to set up, and 30 minutes after its conclusion to clean up. We are in high demand, so we may book parties close together in time. Therefore, for each additional 30 minutes past your designated 30 minute clean-up time, there will be a $100 charge. 


      1. Decorations, including materials necessary to place them (tape, string, scissors, etc.)

      2. Food, including delivery and food trucks

      3. Additional entertainment if desired, such as a balloon maker or face painter


     1. Indoor and outdoor seating, weather dependent (rain or shine!)

     2. A microwave and refrigerator

     3. Trash disposal, though you may want to bring extra trash bags just in case

     4. Toys and games for the children to play with, as well as a location to play in

     5. Pony rides

     6. Petting zoo

     7. Cows to feed and pet


$500 for two hours 

$175 for each additional hour at the farm

$5 per child past twenty children - adults are no charge

photos of the farm forthcoming