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Travel Parties

      Want to have us come to your location? Here is all the information you will need!


       1. Space to park our 40 foot truck and trailer

       2. Space to walk the pony, set up the petting zoo, walk our cow, or all three! Because we carry heavy equipment and animals, we prefer to park as close to our set-up location as possible. 

       3. Our wallaby is terrified of dogs, so we require any dogs to be put away inside or kept far away from our petting zoo, whether they are a mastiff or a tea-cup chihuahua. 

RULES FOR THE ANIMALS: These will be announced at the party itself as well

For the pony or horse:

       1. Please do not go directly behind our ponies or horses. If startled, our pony could kick back, or bolt forward, and we want to make sure that everyone is safe.

       2. The children should not attempt to get on the pony or horse without assistance from our handler.

       3. Once on the pony, children can pet and speak to the pony, but not kick, hit, or rock on the pony.

For the cow:

      1. Just like the pony, please do not go directly behind our cow. If startled, our cow could kick back, or bolt forward, and we want to make sure that everyone is safe. 

For the petting zoo:

      1. Please do not pick up any of the animals unless our handler has provided a safe method of doing so

      2. Please do not put your fingers in the animal's mouths 

      3. Please do not scream, run, or jump while in with the animals, as this may startle them


Because of the incredible increase in gas prices, we base our prices on the location of your event. Please text or call Jenny Goduto at (203) 231-4711 for an estimate. We require your balance to be paid in CASH day of party. 

Photos Forthcoming